I feel like my brain is in utter chaos.

I need to find time to be alone. COMPLETELY alone, but until mom is better or I decide to go postal and run off and check into a hotel somewhere, I won’t find isolation.
I’m really happy about my finances and career/job situation.
Both are good for me and I’m being trained to move up in positions at GameStop. So I’m planning on working my ass to a management position, or more. And the dealership is good money and a good experience for me. I’m enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. The only part is finding ways to occupy my time during my shifts.
Hopefully I’ll have a new phone soon. I cannot keep using a phone that decides to not work, especially when I need it most.
I’ve gotten lost because I can’t use the gps due to no signal, and I couldn’t even call work to let them know I would be late. I work through my phone a lot and I just cannot have it start doing this to me. If all works out, I will have a galaxy note 3 this weekend. If not, it will be soon.

Mom is still in pain a lot. I’m trying to do what I can, but she’s gotta accept my advice too. :/ I live in chronic pain and illness, she’s got to understand that I know what will help.
I’m still a little bit all over the place with this and realising that my mom really is old. I wonder if this is how she felt when she realised her mom was dying. Too much grief. And I feel terrible, but, I have to stay positive.

So much on my mind.



kinda pissed about not being a mermaid

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Almond dessert tofu topped with thawed berries, granola, and pumpkin seeds.

That spoon….

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Lucas had decided that I was a bed the other day….


Anyone on Ello?

Name is the same on there.


I know it was a bad photo but it’s hard to take a photo inside a haunted house #Cthulhu #ftgn #hplovecraft #hauntedhouse

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